Originally founded in 1993 as a senior corps, 20th Century Limited is now an ALL AGE corps.  

The first 20th Century Limited (TCL) rehearsal was held at the Clintondale Firehouse on Friday, February 19, 1993.  With the help of the corps' sponsor, Hudson Valley Music, Inc., TCL was founded by former members of past area marching units including the Kingston Indians, Poughkeepsie Pacers, Newburgh Criterions, Hyde Park Vagabonds and Pleasant Valley Falcons.  Most of the founding members are still actively marching with the corps today.

20th Century Limited borrows its name from a famous luxury train that operated through the Hudson Valley on the New York Central Railroad between 1901 and 1971.  Adopting a historical theme, the members originally wore a tuxedo-style uniform to represent the elegance of the train.  The banner was carried by members’ children who wore engineer-type outfits.  As the corps became more established, a cadet-style dress uniform was adopted.