20th Century Limited "ALL AGE" Drum & Bugle Corps (TCL) boasts nearly a quarter century as  
Mid-Hudson Valley’s “Hometown” premier  exhibition & parade corps, representing the devotion and pride of the region’s drum and bugle corps, past and present.

TCL’s main objective is to provide its members with an enjoyable, fun drum corps experience while putting out a high quality musical unit.  With this in mind, the corps maintains a moderate performance schedule with just one rehearsal a week on Friday nights in Highland, NY.

TCL’s membership is a diverse and talented group of musicians varying in musical backgrounds and walks of life.  All are welcome to become part of our musical family.

TCL’s talented staff is responsible for our classic drum corps look, our unique sound and our broad-based appeal.  Henry “Hank” Mikolajeski is our brass arranger/ instructor and Ron Mackey is our brass ensemble instructor.  The percussion arrangement and instruction is led by Greg Morgan.  Adding visual flare to our performances is our color guard instructed by Bob Griffin. Pat Mikolajeski officially joined the instructional team in 2015 and is responsible for the overall visual program.

Bookings are handled by business manager Lew Hulse, Jr.

Something for Everyone!

Whether you have musical experience—OR NOT
Whether you have previous marching experience—OR NOT
Whether you have time to attend weekly rehearsals—OR NOT
Whether you are a STUDENT or SENIOR

...there are plenty of ways YOU can be part of 
the Mid-Hudson Valley’s Hometown Corps, 

20th Century Limited
Drum & Bugle Corps

of Highland, NY

Openings in ALL sections!

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Stationary Guard

Stationary Guard (Banner & American Flag Squad)

Redesigned banner and first ever TCL corps flag debuted in Pittsfield, MA on July 4th 2015!



Field photos courtesy of Raymond Fudge



Photo courtesy of Larry Eckert
Two photos above courtesy of Raymond Fudge



Photo courtesy of Raymond Fudge
Photo courtesy of Raymond Fudge

Auxiliary Support

Auxiliary Support

Shown last, but ABSOLUTELY NOT LEAST!  
...we extend a sincere THANK YOU to the TCL "Water Brigade" team!  YOU are OUR most valuable resource!!!  Without your support, we could not march!

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