TCL Scholarship & Trust Fund

The TCL Scholarship and Trust Fund was established by members of 20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps for the purpose of supporting its young members looking to further their education.  In addition to building a scholarship fund for the corps’ graduating high school seniors, the monies collected will help fund capital purchases in support of the youth membership of 20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps (e.g., musical instruments and uniforms).

20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps (TCL) is a community-based marching arts organization dedicated to the development of teamwork, sportsmanship, civic pride and musicianship through a musical marching activity.  TCL was formed in 1993 and has completed 23 successful seasons as a parade and exhibition corps representing the devotion and pride of all Hudson Valley drum and bugle corps, past and present.  Over the past several seasons, youth participation has increased to represent over 25% of overall corps membership.  TCL seeks to further develop its youth program to help encourage this path of successful growth and support of the drum & bugle corps activity 

Although TCL has always welcomed members as young as age 12, beginning with the 2013 season, waves of new members under age 18 began to fill the ranks.  With this surge in youth membership, the organization enhanced its policies, procedures, and support organization to better ensure a safe and educational environment for its youth.  The corps also had "Senior" legally removed from it's name and is now officially designated as an all-age corps.  

The corps has developed a formalized recruitment program with the goal of building its youth membership even further.  Corps representatives work with local middle and high school band directors to recruit for all sections of the corps, including percussion, brass and color guard.  Ads are posted on local cable channels and flyers are posted throughout the Dutchess and Ulster County areas.  

The TCL youth recruitment program has been a major success and has placed the corps in a position in which it has never been before.  The corps provides everything the members need to participate without charging any dues.  Equipment, uniforms and professional instruction are offered at no cost to members.   The corps’ general operating expenses have always been covered by parades and exhibitions.  However, the success of TCL’s youth recruitment program has created a need to find alternative funding to purchase additional instruments and uniforms.  This funding will allow the corps to continue to provide a dues-free, fun, team-oriented, family environment for its members. 

The TCL Scholarship & Trust Fund and 20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps request your assistance in providing this unique opportunity to area students with a donation in support of our goal to raise $10,000 for the 2017 season.  Your contribution in any amount would be greatly appreciated. 

The TCL Scholarship & Trust Fund is established as a separate legal entity from 20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps and is classified as a public charity and has thus achieved tax exempt status under Internal Revenue Service Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3).  Donors to the TCL Scholarship & Trust Fund can make tax-deductible contributions under IRC Section 170.  Please note that donations to 20th Century Limited Drum & Bugle Corps are NOT tax-deductible.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.  Please feel free to address any questions to the trust fund officers at

Donations may be sent directly to:
TCL Scholarship & Trust Fund
PO Box 61
Hyde Park, NY  12538